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About Abhigyan Sewa Sansthan

Abhigyan Sewa Sansthan We have always dreamt of One India, an India where the Urban-Rural divide doesn’t exist. We hope that you will pledge your support to the Swades Foundation, to our Rural communities. Pledge to support their dreams with the same passion as we pursue our own. Pledge to become a part of their world and welcome them to ours.

To transform one million rural lives every five years through holistic development across Health, Education, Water & Sanitation and Economic Development by creating a scalable, replicable and community-centric model of sustainable development. An empowered and poverty-free rural India where communities are capable of transforming their own lives. At the Swades Foundation, we believe that the partnership of rural India with corporates, young urban India, the Government and other foundations is the key to create a permanent and irreversible change for good.


We are world-class scientists and doctors, passionate about giving everyone who wants to have children the chance to experience a healthy pregnancy and have a healthy family.
Our mission is to fund original research to investigate the causes of infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, and premature birth and find better ways to diagnose and treat them.
Hormonal cures for infertility, treatments that help reduce the chances of miscarriage, a revolutionary treatment for womb cancer, and ways to screen embryos for fatal genes are just a few of the other major medical advances we’ve pioneered, and transferred to everyday practice.


Vision Multi Trade is making a impact in protecting India's children, it offers hope to families.


Trend option is a kind of financial instrument, you can make quick profit by predicting the price trend in real time and parent organisation for setting up, managing and monitoring the Vision Multi Trade service all over India.